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Alchemy Kitchen

In late 2016, Alchemist CDC was awarded a Local Food Promotion Program Planning Grant by the USDA to assess the viability of Alchemy Kitchen- a food business incubator serving low-income populations in Sacramento.


A food business incubator supports local food entrepreneurs by offering needed resources such as low-cost access to a licensed commercial kitchen, assistance complying with food safety regulations, business planning support and opportunities to grow their local food business successfully. Alchemy Kitchen will also focus on connecting low-income food entrepreneurs to local sources and emphasize healthier food options.

Alchemist CDC, with in-kind support from Dr. Kristin Kiesel (from the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics – UC Davis), is performing a feasibility study to assess whether Alchemy Kitchen can be sustained in Sacramento. We are also receiving in-kind support from Capsity Inc., (a California Benefit Corporation) to create a successful business plan for the creation of Alchemy Kitchen.

Alchemy Kitchen will be modeled on appropriate aspects of other successful food business incubators, some examples include:

La Cocina in San Francisco- Website

El Pájaro in Watsonville- Website

Hot Bread Kitchen in New York City- Website

L.A. Kitchen in Los Angeles – Website


Stay tuned for more information as we develop outcomes from our planning process.


Some of our staff and partners doing serious evaluation while touring El Pájaro in Watsonville:

201722 El Pajaro site visit team in hairnets